How to Download & Install Free Phone Spy App

How to Download & Install AppSpy Free Phone Spy App

Download & Install AppSpy Free Phone Spy App

Smartphones today come with the power to let anyone search for any information. With the sophisticated technology under the hood comes the easy interface on the top. The features of a smartphone can be so complicated yet so simple to use. These are so easy that even the kids can learn how to use them. It is both a plus and a minus for the design. When kids can easily understand how to use the smartphone, and when they see their parents use it for a long time, they are eager to try one. Kids these days also get their first smartphone very early in their life. Parents might then need a way to know what their kids are doing on their smartphones. From monitoring the phone usage statistics to the ease of checking the content that their child is browsing AppSpy App can take care of various tasks.

Download & Install AppSpy App
Download & Install AppSpy App

About AppSpy App

AppSpy can be used to monitor activities on a smartphone, whether it belongs to your kid or a partner who you suspect to be cheating. It gives you full freedom to know what is happening in that smartphone without the partner or child, even realizing that the app is running in the background.

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Steps to Download & Install AppSpy Mobile Spy Free App

Steps to Download & Install AppSpy App
Steps to Download & Install AppSpy App

One of the perks of this app is that it is easy to download and install it on any device. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and can be used on any smartphone model.

Step 1: Create your account in AppSpy

If you are a new user, then creating your account is the first thing to do. This is an easy step, and you can create your account from any computer or mobile phone. All you have to do is to head on to the AppSpy website account creation page.

Remember that the app is free to use. However, you also have the option to choose from a host of premium plans where you can extend the functions of the app and tap into its full potential. To create the account, you can go through the plans offered and find one that fits your budget and your needs. Once you choose this, you would be able to create an account with an email id. Make sure that you key in the valid email id after you make the payment. This step is crucial as you would need your email id to get updates and also to verify your account to complete the registration process. Once you key in the email id and select the corresponding plan required, you would receive a verification email in your email inbox. On clicking the verification link sent, your account is verified and ready to use. This completes the account creation part of the AppSpy app.

Step 2: Download the app

The next step is to install your AppSpy app on the phone that you want to track. It can be any model of smartphone, and it can be running on any operating system. This app is available both for Android and iOS. The app, however, will not be available in the standard app store. You would have to find it from the website directly. Head on to the site and click on the download link. This can be done by entering the website address in your phone’s browser and then heading on to the download page. Download the file and then proceed to install it.

Step 3: Installing the AppSpy app

By default, your security settings on the phone would not allow you to install apps from other sources. Only the apps available in the operating system’s default app store would be allowed for installation. So, to use AppSpy, begin by enabling installation from other sources. If you are using an Android phone here are the steps-

  • Go to the settings Menu
  • Click on Security settings
  • Under the App Installation tab, you should find the option Unknown source installations
  • On turning on this option, you would be able to download and install apps from other sources besides the app store.
  • Once you do this, use your file manager to find the downloaded AppSpy app file. Run it to install it on the phone to be screened.

Step 4: Key in the license key

Once you install the app, you should get a prompt for entering the license key to use the app. This key is sent to your email id, the one that you registered your account with. The key is sent to validate the account and to let you use all the features of the app, depending on the plan you chose. Once you enter the code, you can then proceed to the settings to hide the app from visibility on the phone. This makes sure that your partner or kid doesn’t know about the app monitoring their phone.

Step 5: Check the status from your account

Once you complete the above steps and hide the app from the phone as well, you can use any other phone or laptop to check whether the monitoring process has begun. To do this, you have to log in to your account from the AppSpy site. You can then see your dashboard that should show all the features that you have access to. Selecting the desired feature helps you monitor that particular parameter on the phone. There is a host of things you can monitor from the target phone like the call logs, messages, and browsing history, for example. All of this information is presented in the dashboard of your account. Only the person who has the valid login credentials would be able to view this sensitive information.


With this, you can comfortably start screening the activities of your partner or kid in no time. Choosing the right plan is what it takes to obtain the best of phone spying experience. It keeps the information discreet so that only you have access to it, and the data would not be compromised.