10+ Free Phone Spy Features

10+ Free Phone Spy Features

FreePhoneSpy Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

FreePhoneSpy is a revolutionary new app that lets you track and monitor the activities on the phone without leaving a trace. Whether it is for organizations to track the activities of their employees or for parents to screen their kid’s screen time or for someone to grab hold of a cheating partner, this app comes handy in various occasions. It is a free app that can be installed in any smartphone running on iOS or Android. While creating an account in FreePhoneSpy, you can choose from different plans based on the budget you have in mind. When you know that the app offers, you would be able to take a confident step in choosing the right plan.

FreePhoneSpy Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features
FreePhoneSpy Features: 10+ Free Mobile Spy Features

There are plenty of features that this app offers. Among them, here are the 10 most popular ones that you should know about.

Spy call

This is one of the most useful features of this app. It is an extensive feature that lets you access every little detail about any call that goes from the phone or comes to the phone. Like using the phone itself you can find all the details of the call log like the dialed numbers, missed calls, received numbers and even the duration of the call. There is also the option that lets you hear the live conversation when the call is connected if required. You can then choose to listen to the recording of a call even after the call is complete.

Text message tracker

If it is text messages that you wish to track then this is the feature to access. You can find all the information from the message inbox of the target phone. Incoming and outgoing messages can all be viewed through this feature. One handy option is the ability to see even the sent and received time of the message itself besides the actual content. If the person erases the message on his phone you would still be able to view a log of the message from your account dashboard.

GPS location tracker

This is for the live location tracking of the phone being monitored. It provides real-time tracking of the person’s location whenever you want. Besides the real-time location tracking, you can also check the details about past location and know where the person has been in the chosen time slot. It lets you know about the location changes, and you can also set notifications for any change in the location.

WhatsApp Spy

WhatsApp might include a massive amount of data, including images, videos, audio recordings, and files besides the actual conversations. You can also view all the other account information of the person, including the contact status, profile picture, and other details. One handy trick here is that even if the target contact blocks you from their WhatsApp account, you would still be able to access the information. You can also make use of the feature to listen to audio and video calls on WhatsApp.

Photos and videos spy

This lets you gain access to the photo and video gallery of the phone that you are tracking. There are times when you have to view the saved photos, screenshots, or even the downloaded images and videos on the phone. There could be all types of image and video files on the phone, and this feature lets you view them all. All types of saved media in the different folders can be seen from your dashboard.

IM monitoring

This is to let you keep a check on all the instant messaging platforms. If the text message or SMS is not enough, you might need to keep an eye on all the messaging apps on the phone. There are Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and a host of other apps that users might pick to message their friends. This feature lets you keep a check on whom your child is talking with on social media messages, and you can, therefore, have a close watch to ensure the security of your ward. You can see the details of the number or account from and to which the messages are being sent and received.

Free keylogger

This is, as the name indicates, the feature that lets you track the key-logs from the phone tracked. You can get access to the keystroke pattern and the letters being typed. With this, it is possible to track any password that the user types. It can be handy for those times when you need to identify the password for a particular app that the ward or partner imposes password authentication. It lets you bypass security measures and then log in to the desired app. If a person happens to use any secret passwords anywhere on the phone, you can also get information about the same.

Remote control

This is particularly to exercise parental control. There are times where parents do not just want to monitor what their child does on the phone but also to limit what he can do. For this, there can be timed sessions and other measures taken with the help of this feature. This lets you take remote control of the device and modify the settings as you need.

Ambient Listening

When you detect a change in location, and when you want to know what is happening, you can use the ambient listening feature. This lets you use the phone’s microphone to record and live stream the audio from wherever the phone is. It lets you record the voice for reference, and you can listen to the conversation later on when required.

Internet history Spy

This lets you know what the person does on the internet. From the viewing history on video apps to the browsing history from browsers, you can also get information about all that the person browsed while connected with the internet.


With all these features accessible from your dashboard, you can conveniently pick whatever you want to track from anywhere and at any preferred time.