How to Track A Phone Number

How to Track A Phone Number

How to Track A Phone Number: An Ultimate Guide

Tracking a phone number seems like an espionage thriller! Do you also feel that only spies or shady people carry out such activities? Well, it is true, but it will surprise you to know that it is the common people who want to track phone numbers! Is it possible? Yes! It is possible and not very difficult, as well. Before we learn how to track a phone number, let us take a look at the different reasons why people would want to do so!

Track A Phone Number: An Ultimate Guide
Track A Phone Number: An Ultimate Guide

Reasons For Tracking A Phone Number

There are several reasons which could make someone want to track a phone number. Different people have different reasons, and some of these could be

  • Someone is bothering you by calling you numerous times and at odd times
  • If you were unable to answer a call from an unknown number
  • You want to know the location of your spouse or children
  • Rescuers need the location for finding a lost person
  • You may want to protect your family from bothersome calls from an unregistered number
  • If you lose your phone and you need to locate it
  • You want to keep track of a person’s activities, both on the phone and physical
  • For business purpose

Apart from this, there can be other reasons for wanting to track a phone number.

How to track a phone number?

There are several ways you can track a phone number:

  • IMEI and GPS call trackers are an excellent way to get real-time results about the location of a phone call. Some apps can track even when the phone is not connected to the internet.
  • If it is an unknown number that you want to track, you could use an app or web service. You will have to enter the phone number you want to track to find the location. After you register on the web service, you may even get more detailed reports.
  • Some services can scan public records to see the details. If you have a phone number, it can find out the address or other information and that, too, without breaching any privacy laws.

Best Way To Track A Phone Number

Best Way To Track A Phone Number
Best Way To Track A Phone Number

Whether you want to track the phone number of your cheating spouse or trying to track down your lost phone, the best options are apps and services which allow you to do a lot of things. These apps are easy to use and will give you the information you want. Follow these steps to use the app

  • Download an app like FreePhoneSpy from the internet on the target’s phone.
  • Install and create an account. Use a strong password and then log in
  • After logging in, you will have to register. You will be asked to fill some details
  • Now you can click on the hack option. Here you will get an opportunity to hide the app.
  • Once you choose the hide option, this app will never be seen by the target or the user
  • Now, download the same app on your mobile. Login with the same password.
  • Go to the controls, and by choosing the right options, you will be able to track the phone number easily.

Depending on the choice of your app, you will get a lot of information apart from the location like time, past location, and even the name of the place.

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How To Choose A Good Phone Number Tracker?

Whatever your reason, once you have decided to track a phone number, you will need to choose the right app or service! You need to consider the following things.

  • Make sure that the app is compatible with the target as well as your phone.
  • Its installation and registration processes should be simple and hassle-free
  • Look at the features offered carefully. Make sure it has everything you want
  • Check whether you will get real-time information with the help of GPS or not
  • Some apps have unique features catering to specific targets like anti-abduction features for children.
  • Some apps even allow you to install the app on the target phone without accessing it physically.
  • Use an app that has excellent customer service as well as good ratings and reviews.

Most of the apps offer necessary information free of cost. However, if you want to choose a high-end app with a lot of features, then you have to be ready to pay more for it.

How To Choose A Good Phone Number Tracker
How To Choose A Good Phone Number Tracker

Disadvantages of Tracking a Phone Number

When you decide to track a phone number, you should be aware that there can be some disadvantages as well.

  • You may get inaccurate or incomplete information due to some technical fault or wrong GPS reading. Using the false information can cause even bigger problems
  • You have to be careful when you track the phone numbers of your children or spouse. If they come to know, it can cause a problem in your relationship permanently.
  • Invading someone’s privacy can become a legal problem. Use the app judiciously and within the legal boundary
  • You should be ready for the fact that such information can be misused if it falls into the wrong hands. Be careful with your phone as well as the information. Always keep a strong password.

Can You Block Your Phone From Being Tracked?

Yes, you can block to a certain extent, and only highly proficient hackers would be able to track your phone. All you need to do is go to the settings menu on your phone. Now, select Google Location History. Turn off the location history by using the slider. Click Ok when the dialog box appears. This will give you some protection though it is not foolproof.


After reading the article and going through the information, you will realize that tracking a phone number is not an impossible task. It depends on how you want to do it, and what are your intentions! Use the right method and right service, and you will be able to get the information you want.


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