How to Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

Did you escape from a snooping bid being caught while spying on your child’s or partner’s phone? If so, this article is for you. We will teach you how to read someone’s text messages without having to look through their phone.

Read Someone’s Text Messages Without Their Phone

If you are searching for ways to read someone else’s texts without physically accessing their phone, then you are sure in a problematic situation. While you are sure to get n number of alternatives to do this task, you mustn’t fall prey to scamsters. This might lead you to compromise vital personal information about yourself which can put your entire family at risk. So be very sure when you sign up into such apps with an intent to pry on someone else’s phone activity. Here we will tell you how you can access text messages on the target phone without looking at their phones.

Why do you need to read someone's text messages
Why do you need to read someone’s text messages

Why do you need to read someone’s text messages?

Reading other’s messages without their knowledge is not a desirable activity, and it can have negative consequences on the relationship. However, there are instances where such actions can be justified if done with the right intent.

To track your child’s phone activity – Most kids cannot keep their hands off the phone. It is indeed a fascinating world out there, and hence it is easy for kids to fall prey to anti-social elements. Tracking your child text exchanges can give you an idea of people your child is interacting with. It also gives you a sneak peek into their conversations and makes sure they are not getting into any dangerous or illegal activities. They may not appreciate your snooping activities, but it is sure to benefit them in the long run.

Suspecting your spouse’s behavior – In any relationship, there may be a time when things are not going the way it should. Most people immediately point out to the possibility of an affair or cheating. This may not always be true. So how do you get to know if your spouse is cheating or not? There is this simple way of snooping using the spy software. You can check on your spouse while keeping the whole activity under wraps. So even if the whole affair thing was the product of your imagination, you are saved from some disturbing confrontations with your spouse.

Is there a specialized Text Message Spying App?

These are similar to other Spy Apps. Mostly the features of spying on text messages on a targeted phone come as part of the standard features of a Spy App. When installed on the target phone, these apps work in a stealth mode to give you the information of all text exchanges happening on the phone through SMS.

You can access this information from anywhere provided your device is connected to the internet. These apps have an online portal that can be accessed from your web browser so you can view the results.

How to get started with spying on text messages
How to get started with spying on text messages

How to get started with spying on text messages

  • Identify a good spy app – You will need to subscribe and also pay for some of the premium features. You should use a paid app to give you more detailed results of phone activity.
  • Install the text spying app on the target phone – This is sure a tricky situation. However, you will need to figure out a way to do this. It might take a good 10 minutes to install this on your child’s or partner’s phone. After you have changed the security settings on the target phone, download the app.
  • Clear the browser history and download history after you have successfully installed the app.
  • You can use these apps on iPhone and Android phones as well.
  • Login to your spy account – You could use your phone or your computer to access the website. Sign in to your account to get real-time data that is being exchanged on the target phone.

Text spying is just one of the useful features that the spy apps offer. Apart from this, you could also know about the social media activity of the target person, access pictures, videos, and other content that is exchanged via various internet platforms. You could also restrict objectionable content from being accessed by your child using the filters. Some apps also have the key logger feature, which helps you know each of the keystrokes made on the phone.


We hope this article has helped you in alleviating your worries about the spy apps and how to use them. One key take away to keep in mind while installing such apps in the target phone would be not to go for apps that ask for jailbreak or rooting as it can land you or your loved ones in trouble.

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