How to Read My Wife's Text Messages Without Her Knowing

How to Read My Wife’s Text Messages Without Her Knowing

Do you have a feeling that your better half (wife) is cheating or having an affair? You don’t want to confront her without any evidence! So, what do you do? You check her Facebook and other social messaging accounts. You don’t find anything, but you have this strong feeling that she is hiding something from you! You see her, with her head bent on the mobile and a smile on her lips, and you wonder if there was some way you could see and read the messages? You can try getting a private detective to do the same! However, it is expensive, and you should use this option only when the stakes are very high!

When Is It OK To Spy On Your Wife In This Way?

Spy On Your Wife In This Way
Spy On Your Wife In This Way

Is it correct to spy on your wife? No, of course not! There has to be trust between partners. However, there are times and situations when you need to take this extreme step.

  • Trust and honesty are essential in any relationship. If you find that your wife is not completely honest or you want to be a hundred percent sure, you can track her phone activities to find out.
  • If you find that your wife is engrossed in the phone and continuously texting and sharing messages, but is evasive when you ask her! You will be curious to find out what or who is keeping her busy.
  • Sometimes, you are clueless about what your wife wants! You find her ignoring you or complaining about you to others. If you read her interactions, you may get some insight into how she thinks and what it is that she is looking for.

You should know that you are not alone! There are many people in the same boat, and there are a large number of curious husbands and boyfriends who also want to know and read their wives’ or girlfriends’ text messages.

How To Read My Wife’s Text Messages

How do you read the text messages on your wife’s mobile? Most people keep their phones locked, and when they don’t lock them, they carry them around. You can wait for an opportunity and read the messages. However, this is not very safe, and you will only get short windows. Moreover, you will not be able to do it very often. In the process, if your wife gets suspicious, then you will find it even more challenging to get your hands on her phone!

The way to do it is in a way that will not let her know about your snooping. This is even more important when you are only suspicious and are not sure. If she comes to know about your spying, it may damage your relationship forever! You have to be careful and do it in such a way that she does not get even a hint of what you are up to!

Best Way To Read My Wife’s Text Messages

Best Way To Read My Wife's Text Messages
Best Way To Read My Wife’s Text Messages

You want to read the text messages, and you want to do it in a way that she does not know about it! Is it even possible? Yes, it is not only possible, but it is also quite easy! You don’t need too much technical knowledge or too much money to do this! It is possible to read the text messages on another person’s phone without touching that phone! There are apps and services which can help you in this endeavour.

Some apps help you to see and read both sent and received messages while some apps can also give you details like date, time, contact numbers, names, etc. The app you choose will depend on what it is that you want. Some free apps will give you basic information. The more details you want, the more you may have to pay! There are apps like FreePhoneSpy, which offer great features and will help you to read other’s text messages without their knowing about it.

Step By Step Process

It is a very simple process to use an app for reading text messages on another phone

  • Download and install FreePhoneSpy app which you have chosen on the target phone.
  • Sign up and go to options and settings. Choose the right settings. Set a strong password
  • Download and install the same app on your phone.
  • Log in with the same password and go to the settings and choose the right options.
  • Choose what you want to see or read. Also, decide if you wish to save it your device or just read and discard it.
  • Now, every time your wife receives or sends a text message, you will know it wherever you are. It is that simple.


Spying your soulmate (wife) in any manner should not be taken lightly. It may have very serious consequences. If you feel the need to do it, then use an excellent app to remain hidden and read the text messages and don’t let anyone know about it!

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