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Have you ever tried hacking anyone’s Instagram account? When it comes to hacking, people mostly rely on online sources. But let me warn you, most of the spying applications and software that are available online are fake. When you click on the application’s link, they will ask to take surveys and prove that you are human. And once you are caught into that trap, you will just move in circles.

Instagram Hack: Techniques for Hacking Into Instagram Account (No Survey)

Instagram Hack: Techniques for Hacking Into Instagram Account (No Survey)
Instagram Hack: Techniques for Hacking Into Instagram Account (No Survey)

They will ask you to download various other applications and keep you moving from one thing to other. If it is your first time looking for Instagram hacking options, you will probably fall into the survey and human verification trap and do nothing but waste your time. Due to this, most people assume that it is not possible to hack an Instagram account. But you don’t have to worry about that. In this post, we will discuss ways in which you can hack Instagram account without surveys. But before we move on, we need to understand the survey problem.

Why should you not choose applications which include surveys?

When you start searching for hacking applications online, the result generated will mostly include applications that need you to take surveys to prove that you are human. In this post, we will discuss why you should stay away from these applications.

Taking survey wastes a lot of time

These applications will ask to take various surveys to access it. It will take you from one survey to another and waste a lot of time. It is like a circle, and it will never stop.

These applications are mostly fake

The applications that require you to take surveys are mostly fake. Moreover, it attraction which will lead you to click baits.

It includes Human Verification

It will also include human verification. In this, you have to answer a series of questions to prove that you are human.

It will eventually lead you to clickbait

All these applications will lead you to fake clickbait. You should always stay away from clickbait as they are fake.

It is a trap

It is a trap for naïve users. Once you fall into the cycle for click baits, it will just take you from one application to another.

You might even lose your money

Sometimes you may even lose money. People who are naïve and don’t know how to identify fake applications, often end up making unnecessary and fake purchases, thereby losing money.

These applications are harmful

These applications can be detrimental to your device. They contain harmful malware which may enter your device.

Because of all these reasons, you should stay away from applications that require surveys. Make sure you do your research before falling into this trap.

Steps to Hack Instagram account without survey

How to Hack Instagram account without survey
How to Hack Instagram account without survey

There are many options to hack Instagram account without surveys. In this post, we will discuss some ways to hack Instagram without going through surveys and human verification.

By using spying applications that don’t need surveys

One of the main reasons why people don’t trust the spying application because of survey problems. But there are many trusted applications you can use to hack Instagram.

How to choose a genuine Spying application?

You should always search first before you make any decisions. You can check for various trusted spying applications online. In this post, we will guide you to select a genuine spying application without surveys for hacking Instagram. Choose an application with the following features.

No Jailbreaking required

Choose an application which requires no Jailbreaking. Jailbreaking can take a lot of time. Good, trusted spying applications doesn’t require jailbreaking.

Easy to download and install

Make sure the application is easy to download and install. You don’t have to go through a lengthy process just to download a genuine application.

No compulsory download

Many good spying applications doesn’t need to be downloaded on your phone. You can simply access in from the website.


Choose an application with a good pricing plan. Don’t always run behind free applications as most of the free applications are fake.

Easy to use

Select an application which is easy to use. You don’t need to know coding to use these applications.

Multiple options

Good spying applications have multiple spying options like,

  • Location tracking
  • Text message Spy
  • Spy call
  • Social media spy
  • Keylogger

Good reviews

Always read the reviews first. When you read the reviews, you can quickly determine if the application is good or bad.

Good ratings

Select an application which has good user ratings.


This feature is very important. Always choose a hidden application. With this, you can conveiently spy without getting caught.


choose an application that is not too big in size. Small spying applications require less space in your device. Also, the download will be faster.


Most of the spying applications are fake and unethical. Choose a hacking application that is legal and established.

The number of users

Select an application with the maximum number of users. More number of users means more reputation and trust.

Spying application without survey for hacking Instagram

Spying application without survey for hacking Instagram
Spying application without survey for hacking Instagram

Here are some genuine and trusted spying application, that doesn’t need you to taker surveys for hacking Instagram.

  • FreePhoneSpy
  • Spyier
  • MobileSpyFree
  • Cocospy
  • Spytomobile
  • KidsGuard Pro App
  • Hellospy
  • Spyera
  • Mobile-Spy
  • Mobistealth
  • TheTruthSpy App

Steps to use spying applications (no survey) for hacking Instagram

Follow these steps to hack into anybody’s Instagram account without any surveys successfully.

  • Step 1: Choose a trusted spying application

The first step is to select an application. Make sure you select a spying application which contains all the features as mentioned above.

  • Step 2: Visit the application’s Website and download the application

You have to visit the website and click on the download link to start downloading the application. Website is a safe downloading source.

  • Step 3: Install the application

After the download is completed, open the application and click on install to complete the installation.

Download Instagram Hacking App

  • Step 4: Register or Sign up

After installation is completed. You need to register and create an account for you. You will be able to generate an ID and Password.

  • Step 5: Choose device and subscription plan

After that, enter the target device details like nickname, age and device model. According to the device, you have to choose a payment plan. Choose a plan as per your requirement. If you have a budget problem, you can go for free apps.

  • Step 6: iCloud details (for iOS device)

Now if the target device is iOS, you don’t have to touch the target phone. You just have to enter their iCloud details like ID and password. The application will be synced to their Facebook automatically.

  • Step 7: Download and Install the app in a target device (for Android)

If the target device is Android, you have to download and install the same application in the target phone. After downloading install the application and click on “start”. Once it is done, hide the application.

Now you need to log in from your device, user ID and password.

  • Step 9: Spy

Once you are logged in, you have two options to hack Instagram,

Instagram Spy: There is an Instagram spy feature. You can use this feature to hack Instagram. You can track all the activities on Instagram through the dashboard.

Keylogger: You can also use the Keylogger feature to track Instagram ID and Password. You can use this to log in to the target’s Instagram account.

This is how, by following these steps, you will be able to hack Instagram account easily without surveys.

By Phishing

By Phishing
By Phishing

Phishing is another option by which you can hack into any person’s Instagram account without survey. Follow these steps to hack Instagram account using phishing method.

  • Step 1: Create a fake Instagram login page

In phishing, you have to create a fake Instagram Login page. This page must look similar so that the target doesn’t become suspicious.

  • Step 2: Send an e-mail with the link

In this step, you have to send the link of the fake page you have created to the target via e-mail. Make sure the e-mail is lucrative enough to lure the target.

  • Step 3: Target will enter details

In this step, if the target is tempted enough, they will open the link and enter their Instagram credentials.

  • Step 4: Receive the credentials

When the target enters details, the page will disappear, and you will get the user id and password on your e-mail.

  • Step 5: Login and Hack

Now you can easily use the credentials to log into the target’s Instagram and spy.

Check Video Below For How to create Instagram Phishing Page:


These are a few ways by which you can easily hack someone’s Instagram account without any surveys. We will recommend the first options as it is more trusted and easy. The second option, which is phishing, need technical expertise in creating fake web pages. Also, people have become averse and can easily identify phishing pages. So the best option is to use a trusted spying application to hack Instagram without surveys and human verification.

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